Mommy Levy is now on Instagram

Finally after so many years, Mommy Levy is now on Instagram!!!

Why just now you may ask?  First of all, it is because I am not a cellphone kind of person.  I can live with just an old basic cellphone.  I feel that I don’t need a smartphone, unfortunately in my kind of work as a blogger, I need to be active on social media.

I realized that in almost every event that I attend to, the organizer wanted the attendees to either tweet or post something in Instagram.   So, I bought an android tablet and joined the bandwagon.

Second, I don’t like taking pictures of myself often, and I feel that Instagram is all about selfie pictures hahaha.  Alam ko maganda ako pero ayoko lang talaga ilagay pictures ko sa social media ehem ehem…. nabulunan ata ako dun hahaha…. ayoko din masira appetite nyo at mawalan ako lalo ng followers hahahaha.

But then again, the first time that I tried to browse instagram and followed my friends, I saw that it is not all about selfie pictures.  It can be a foot pictures,  hand pictures or even back pictures (hahahahaha).

Guys, if you are on Instagram too, then check me out at

I only have a few photos there as of the moment and nakakaadik pala mag post at (mag stalk) hahaha.




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