Baon Tips and Ideas: Healthy Bento #2

I tried making Bento snack boxes for my son just last week, I posted my first attempt here- If I can do this every week, I can supply you some Baon Tips and Ideas :)

I took the picture below last Thursday because it’s my son’s P.E. day and I knew that he needs a lot of strength and energy.  I decided to provide him his supply of Carbohydrates (Pasta and Bread + Fruits of course)


This week, my son only went to school twice because it’s their exam week.  I was recently added to a group of mommies at Facebook that creates Bento for their kids everyday.  They have a theme each week, and this week the theme is #SWEETS.  I don’t like giving Ren candies and chocolates so I have no idea at first how to make a healthy bento that will look like sweets.  It’s a good thing that I saw one work of the mommies, and I got an idea that will make my sweet bento still healthy.

Look :)


When I posted this on my personal Facebook page it got a total of 40 likes (ang benta ha). I think I inspired some mommies and I am so proud of myself for that. Ang simple lang ng gawa ko compared to other mommies and yet other appreciates it (nakaka touch).

My work is far behind the works of the other moms, my only wish is that I can continuously do this until the school year ends because I am loving it :)

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