Failed On the Spot Interview

My family went to a fun event last Saturday (I will tell you more about it soon).

For now, I want to share to you what happened when our family were interviewed by DJ Delamar (the host of the event). The interview happened after everyone were done decorating the Mamon that we used as a base.

She already interviewed 3 mommies before us, and we thought that we were not going to be interviewed anymore, but the organizers cued her to talk to 2 more mommies and since kunti lang naman kaming Mommy Bloggers present at the event, hindi maiiwasan  na makita nya yung gawa namin.

This is what I remembered from the interview:

Delamar: Hi! How are you? (looking at Noel and Ren… I was standing and taking pictures so she didn’t noticed me) Where is the mommy?
Me: Hello! Hello!
Delamar: So Mommy Levy, what did your family created?

Me: We were supposed to, hmmm dapat summer theme yan, kaso wala na kami maisip.
Delamar: This is nice, there is a sun… this is a wave with a boat right? and what’s this one?
Me: that is sand with a fish on top.
Delamar:  sand? not real sand right?
Me: No, I used crushed graham to make it look like sand.
Delamar: How about this? What is this one? (pointing to daddy’s smiley face creation)
Me: Daddy, what’s this? (syempre nagturo ako ng ibang sasagot hahaha… napasubo tuloy ang Noel)
Noel: becoming nervous now said… That’s Ren! (what he meant to say was the smiley face was Ren, akala ata ni Delamar si Ren ang gumawa)

Then ito na….

Delamar: Hi Ren, what is this? (pointing to the smiley face).
Ren: (on the mic) lalala… ah ah ah…. la la la la la (ay kaloka, kumanta ang bagets… sabi ko na nga ba!)
Me: Stop it Ren… she is asking you what is this?
Ren: (kumanta ulit) but after a few seconds he answered naman… kaso ito ang sagot… “that’s a cupcake!” (e kabilin bilinan na hindi nga cupcake yun…. MAMON yun! MAMON! naloka ako sa anak ko)
Delamar: (iniba na lang usapan), oh he is fascinated with the mic.  Mommy, you should buy him his own mic.  Anyway, so how was the experience of doing this activity?
Me: It was fun and it is so affordable to recreate at home plus you will save more time.  I mean you don’t need to bake the base anymore in doing this activity.
Delamar: Right! You only need to create the frosting.
Me: Yes

and that was the end of nakakalokang interview.

I need to train Ren that the Mic is not used only for singing, and me and my husband also need to train ourselves in learning how to express what we want to say LOL

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  1. Paula Alagao says

    Hihi… Nice designs! It was on the spot interview and I think you did your best Miss Levy. :) Next time na lang po be prepared. :)

  2. tinky guanez says

    this article made me smile. took the stress away in me. now i miss my kiddos. cant wait to get home

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