On chatting with Juday and exciting contest from Lactum

Did you miss me?  I am quite busy these past few days so I haven’t posted here.  I have a new offline sideline and it is keeping me busy for a while.  To update you on what happened last Sunday when I announced here that I would be meeting Juday and have a video chat with her, well it did happen and here is some proof.

Yes! I need to show some proof since some of my friends and relatives didn’t saw me in ASAP hahaha…

that is Juday on the 2nd thumbnail from my left.  Thanks to my sister in law who made a screen shot of this.  This was taken from Lactum’s FB page since the video chat is also LIVE there!after the video chat, we were given an opportunity to meet Juday in person.  Here are some of my fellow mommies that participated during the discussion.What did we discussed on the video chat you may ask?

We asked Juday for some advise on our kids feeding problems.  Some mommies shared that their kids have a favorite food that they only eat.  They are  worried that the nutrition of their kids are at stake because of that.  Juday advised them to try to cook their favorite food in a different way.Other mommies shared that their kid’s attention are on watching TV or playing with their toys, so Juday told them that based on her experience with Yohan, she makes sure that everything is turned off when it’s meal time.  She said that we should be firm about this rules and its okay to show them tough love once in a while.

As I have said, I don’t have a problem with my son on what kind of food to eat, since he like everything that was being served on the table.  So, what concerns me is that like the other mommies who have problems with their kid’s attention, my son is also one of them.  He always wants to play with his ipod first, so what he does is that he eats his food fast so that he can come and play with his toy already.  So, I think I will follow her advise to be firm and tough on making rules when it’s meal time.

Lactum is currently hosting a contest on their fan page entitled: 100% Real Stories and Recipes Facebook promo.The contest is open to parents or guardians of kids aged 37 months and above as of contest date. Simply upload a photo of your child showing your mealtime story and own recipe as a solution to your kid’s feeding problems.Winners will get a chance to win these exciting prizes from Lactum:Inline image 2To know more, visit:http://www.facebook.com/LactumPhilippineshttps://apps.facebook.com/lactumrealstories/Also, watch out for a separate promo for you dear readers here.  I am still asking Lactum for some prizes :)

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